A new world opens

When you get into the whole startup-deal, you suddenly find yourself in a world you never knew existed. You understand that there are so many great events out there to help you succeed with your product, and every time you attend one, you find out about 10 more. You also understand that the environment for startups in a small city as Trondheim is not larger than that you often end up at these events with the same people.

What is also interesting, however not very surprising, is that you always connect the people at these events to their startup, and often not the most obvious part of their startup. For example when I see this guy I think of interior magazines which I do not remember the names of.

And when I see this girl (below) I think about cooking in the deserts of Africa.

The wierdest thing is that when I see this guy, I think about cleaning-personnel (which I don't really know why because his business have never said anything about cleaning)

Anyways, you meet a lot of the same people and they all want the same as you. The great thing however is that there is so little competitiveness as the preferred means of getting there is so different. Instead they are all really great at helping each other (and us) out, and I must say that I really appreciate being a part of that. I want to use this occation to thank all of you out there in the Trondheim startup scene! You are really awesome :)

Yesterday we went to a pitching competition and met these same people we always meet. Next post will be about this pitching-contest and possibly pitching in general. :)