Unique Collaboration with Facebook buy/sell network

We are proud to announce the world’s first professional collaboration with a Facebook buy/sell group network

Tise has today officially started a unique collaboration with the largest Facebook buy/sell network in the world*, the Norwegian network "Kjøp og Salg - Nettverket" - and with it writes a small part of Internet history. The network consists of 19 groups, one for each county in Norway, more than 180 000 unique members and is run by more than 30 admins on a daily basis. The network will be rebranded and customized for Tise, starting from today. Here is an example of the new group-banners:

We believe our platform will make the experience of using the buy-and-sell groups easier and more fun, and that the additions brought forward by our app will result in a better solution for all users of the groups. We are eager to continue to develop our partnership in order to create an even better customer experience in the future for all users of the groups.

Buy/sell groups on Facebook have gradually taken large proportions of the Online Classifieds business from the traditional monopolist sites around the world. Today, Tise writes Internet history by directly including this concept into an established app service.

With this collaboration, Tise will also reach a completely new level in the Online Classifieds buisness in Norway.
The future is bright! :)

*To our knowledge