Hello Android!

Dear Android users, we have some good news for you: Tise is available on Google Play!

We've been waiting for this day for months, and it feels great to finally have a well-functioning version of Tise available on Google Play in addition to Apple's App Store. We are extremely excited about being able to provide all of you Android users with a quick and effortless way to promote your hidden treasures to Tise and social channels.

Releasing on Android has unfortunately taken way too long, but we promise to be more rapid in the future. Currently Eirik and myself are the only programmers in Tise, so in short there is a lot to do. Both regarding programming and all those other tasks you have to do in a startup.

About three weeks ago I put most other tasks aside and focused on becoming an Android developer. Getting acquainted with Andorid actually went way better than expected. Even though I must admit it was a complex task to get familiar with a large code base and a whole new operating system. Especially since I had never owned an Android phone before (and still don't. Thanks to the nice guys at Stageflock for letting us borrow theirs!). As you might know it is quite different from iOS. I didn't really notice, but according to Eirik I looked like this more often than not during the first couple days of Java programming:

Tise is still in its early stages, and I hope that the Android version gives those of you who haven't been able to use Tise before a good first impression of us, and raises your expectations for the things to come! In the meantime Eirik and I would greatly appreciate if you would give us a try and put out a listing or two. If you share it to one of your local buy and sell groups, such as this one you, will get even better response rates.

Since my Android programming skills stil are quite lame, there probably exist some flaws in the app. I would love to hear about those and any other thoughts you might have about the platform. We truly value your input, so if you would drop a couple of lines of feedback to hello@tiseit.com and give us a good review on Google Play or the App Store, that would really make our day! :)