Business Bootcamp 2.0

In addition to helping us financially, an important part of what they do at Innovation Norway is to provide mentoring and advice within business development.

Earlier this week I attended the first two days of Business Bootcamp 2.0, a seminar held by betaFACTORY, but hosted by Innovation Norway. The course totals at six days, running from now until the end of March, and the mission is to gain a better understanding of our business model, value propositon, and get some real customer insight.

I guess it's easy for entrepreneurs to get stuck in their own little world where everyone totally loves and understands their products. However, if you feel that's true, it (obviously) probably isn't. That's why I believe it's hugely important that you from time to time take a deep breath, pause, and evaluate where you're going.

At Business Bootcamp I'm forced to ask myself and the rest of the team the hard questions you rather avoid, as they're difficult to answer. So, in the weeks going forward I'm going to conduct loads of in-depth interviews with people within our target market. Hopefully this will help us learn exactly what people value with current offerings, and how we can improve Tise going forward.

The course will end with a demo day presentation, which means creating a good pitch is another huge part of the bootcamp. Below you can see some of our friends from Vio giving it a go. Mari doesn't seem that impressed, though.