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In my previous blog post I wrote about the importance of building an organisation. With that in mind I couldn’t be happier to announce that I’m stepping down as Chairman of the Board in Tise.

In the later times we have been on a quest to recruit more experience to our team, and a natural starting point was to look for someone to fill the Chairman position. We felt that we could greatly benefit from having a board with a some more distance to the daily operations of the company, in order to better be able to guide us in the direction we all want to go. And, obviously, to be an important part of setting this direction.

Ideally the Chairman should be someone with experience from the classifieds industry, and from building organisations from before. Our new Chairman holds all the assets we were looking for, and many more, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce Rolv-Erik Spilling as our new Chairman of the Board. His background is in Mathematics from NTNU, and he has spent most of his working career with Norwegian telco giant Telenor, and Telenor Digital (previously Comoyo) in particular.

Rolv-Erik Spilling, new Chairman of Tise

As the CEO of Telenor Digital Rolv-Erik has been hands on in building and growing services like, and several classified platforms in Asia and South America during the last couple of years. Even after working together for just a very short time, it is evident that his industry knowledge and experience will be vital for taking Tise to new heights going forward.

Getting Rolv-Erik as our Chairman is an amazing milestone for us, but it gets even better. His colleague and investment partner, Stein Erik Moe, has joined our advisory board. Also a NTNU alumni, Stein Erik holds a masters degree in Computer Science. Stein Erik has 27 years of experience from global consultancy firm Accenture, and will be a great asset and mentor as we start to build our international organisation.

We couldn’t be more excited about how 2016 has started. In addition to adding Rolv-Erik and Stein Erik to the team, Tuva Amalie Smith and Elise Hisdal have joined us, respectively as brand manager and brand associate. They give us a whole new perspective and understanding, and working with them so far has been a thrill. We are already seeing great results from their efforts, which is hugely motivating for everyone. It is fascinating to see how fast they’ve adapted to the Tise culture and work environment. (Our values are fun, doing, listening, and friendly, and we strive to make these govern everything that we do).

Elise (left) and Tuva (right). Working their asses off to bring Tise to you!

Our team is superb, and we really have the fundamentals in place to build the organisation that we are so eager to create!

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