Growth and expansion!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are well. It has been a busy month since we launched on Android and started our collaboration with the Facebook network.

Since then we have seen a huge boost in activity, which is both fun and demanding. Most of all fun, because we see that a lot of people really get what we are trying to do with Tise - to create the best tool for creating appealing listings, helping you give new life to your no longer used possessions. E.g. the owner of this jacket has done a great job in showing just how Tise can be used to create an informative listing that also stands out:

The last month was a fine start towards our goal of becoming the preferred service for production and distribution of sustainable listings to social media. That is a pretty bold goal, and to help us achieve it we are proud to tell you that we have expanded our Oslo team with another team member! We met Jon at StartupLab's event "Join a Startup", and after getting to know each other for a while both parties found it to be a good match, and we decided to start working together. He will be given the chance to introduce himself later, but you'll get a picture and a short introduction nevertheless.

With 25 years experience from the media industry, Jon brings a whole new dimension to our team. In addition he has started several companies and organisations before, which obviously is extremely valuable experience for us.

The first two weeks of working together have been great. I feel privileged that Jon has been willing to commit himself to joining us on the journey we stated on two years ago. It gets more exciting for every day, and as we are both growing and expanding, I guess we are on the right track! 🚀