I think there is a saying that every startup should have a blog. Actually, there are quite a few sayings about startups, and here at Tise I think we have been rather good at avoiding several of them. This one, however, I actually think may be interesting.

Last weekend we sat down and did some real work on our marketing strategy. We had a great workshop and some really fun and constructive days, and this blog is one out of many initiatives originating from that workshop.

Our aim with this blog is to keep you posted on the wide variety of the life within a startup. Everyone on the team will be posting on a regular basis. We will try to write interesting stuff going on within our different areas of responsibility; all from what we have been working on lately and why we are doing it, to more tutorial-like posts about the latest technology we are using, and sometimes just give you a peek inside our journey with Tise.

We love our project, and hopefully you will love reading about it too. If you have suggestions or comments, as always please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and @Tiseit.