8 tips: How to sell more on Tise

Do you have items on tise that you haven’t sold yet? I’ve gathered my best tips on how to sell more on Tise


1.Put effort into taking cool pictures that accentuate the items, and build up a profile that is appealing to follow

2.Use #hashtags to describe the item, this will make others find it easier by searching for #dress #denim #acne

3.Think seasons, is it likely that someone will by the item now? Winter coats is more likely to be sold during the winter.

4.Highlight interesting details about the item in the text, like the brand or material. And write something that will make people pay attention.

5.Promote your ads. This will get your ad on top of the list again, and it will reach out to more people.


6.Reduce the price if you can’t sell an item, this will give all the people that liked your ad a notification.

7.Give good prices in the beginning to get a follower base. Do some research in the app, what prices has other similar items been sold for?

8.Post a few ads at a time. It’s more effective to post regularly, this will make you look more active and your profile more updated.

PS: be patient, getting followers and building up that awesome profile takes time

– XOXO Karoline,
Marketing lead at Tise