Last but not least!

Hello and good day! It has finally come to me to round up this summer and pour all my experiences into this blog

To begin with, a short introduction. My name is Simen, from Oslo (enjoying my parent’s hospitality all summer), 24 years old – and newly engaged. I’ve also in the last week mowed to Switzerland, to the city of Lausanne. That, together with a picture, should sum it up nicely.

This is me

My task, doing an internship with Tise, is that of a product analyst. And what have I’ve been doing you might ask? You guessed correctly I’ve been analyzing. Or more like setting up the tools for both analyzing our user’s behavior and engaging them in the future.

My initial task was to figure out how customer feedback, especially quantitative, could be worth anything to Tise as development continued. This meant defining KPI’s, trigger events, notification system and so on. It involved implementing several analytic tools – Google Analytics, Mixpanel, AppsFlyer, which was fun considering it was my first experience with application development. This also matched well with my technological specialization at NTNU, computer science. I also got to set up a deeplinking scheme for Tise, a challenging but rewarding experience.

Some key points from my stay:

  • Its hard to start coding on a project after 1 year of development, but what a good day it is when you finally (think you) get it.
  • Analytics without an excising data set can prove to be a challenging experience, but it gives you an opportunity to both learn and explore great variety of tools to use.
  • It seems you can do pretty much everything these days with a ”light-weight SDK, and easy implementation”

I also feel the need to share some of my thoughts about working at StartupLab. Even though I think the latest blog posts have laid it out perfectly, I’m just going to give a friendly piece of information for all future start-up founders: Don't worry, even people doing start up takes vacation. It was literally no people present her for two whole weeks.

Finally, I want to use this chance to point out Peter’s obviously self appointed title as King Pong, as I quite clearly remember beating him mercilessly. I also want to thank Axel for all FIFA matches, nice of you to let me win all the time. (Editorial note: I won the last match. It's only the last match that counts.)

Thanks for having me, warm greetings from Lausanne with this picture!