Meaningful second hand sales

A couple of old jackets could be transformed to all the material needed to teach a class of 40 kids in third world countries! 😊

We’ve just launched a unique solution in our app. By a simple button-press, you can choose to donate the money from your sale directly to UNICEF.

We started talking with UNICEF in Norway about this concept over a year ago and have since then put down a great amount of time towards making it happen. We are now extremely proud to possibly make a real difference with technology by introducing the first ever solution to offer this functionality!

We have a hope and a goal to engage the whole Norwegian population to do a spring cleaning in their cellars and garages, so that they can:
1. Get rid of their old stuff clogging up their spaces
2. Contribute to a more sustainable world by selling second hand
3. Support children with close to nothing across the globe

I want to use this opportunity to give a warm thanks to UNICEF Norway for their continued positivity and backing from day one!

Join the “dugnad”, and the crowd who already boast that they have #ryddetForUNICEF! More info at