The human tise-effect

Two weeks ago I met a girl at my school in the hallway. I did not really know her that well, I had barely ever spoken to her, and frankly my impression of her had never been very positive. Still I smiled and said hello like she was an old friend. It was not because of me having an extraordinary day, in fact there was nothing special about the day at all. My morning was all right, I had a normal night sleep and the weather was both rainy, snowy and sunny as most days in Trondheim. The smile and hello almost felt like it came out of nowhere, but I noticed that my impression of her had changed dramatically since the last time I saw her. I hadn't spoken to her or even heard anything about her since the last time I saw her, but still she had gone from a somewhat uptight and negative person to someone I really felt positive about. All of this was because she had tried out our app and posted a really cool tise the day before.

Thinking back at it, this feels embarrassingly shallow. How could my impression of someone change that much just because she had engaged in an app!? The fact is that when you have a startup, the users of your service become such an important part of your life. It feels almost silly how happy I get every time I see someone post a new tise, and how much gratitude I feel towards friends that really engage in the app. Every single one that have tised during the last months have been talked about in the team as a great contributor. "Axel, check out the tise from XX, what a great guy!", "I don't think XX really understands how much it means to us that she is so active. She is really awesome!"

Thanks for engaging! We appreciate all of you so much, and as I guess you have figured out by now, we would be nowhere without you guys!