Tise-wise for global dominance

Dear reader

This blog post ought to give you a sneak peek into the world of StartupLab, and what I’m doing with Tise. Right now I’m sitting on “the island”, which, as the nickname indicated, is an island built up inside the lab. The island has palm trees, couch pillows and an X-Box section. Surrounding the island are the open areas, where the hip entrepreneurs are building their futures. It’s also a short walk to the coffee machine. I like it on the Island.

You can find yourself, and quite often others, here.

This summer I’m doing market research. I’m taking an international perspective, applying my background from NTNU. I’ve finished my fourth year of studying, and with this internship I get to apply my specialization in strategy. I’ve been collecting data and information to write a document that will (hopefully) become an important tool for Tise. In this process, some markets have been quite obvious, while others have been surprising really. A cool thing about my project is the liberty I’ve been given by Eirik and Axel, allowing me to drive the project in any direction I want. Also, a fun side of being part of a startup, is the dynamic worklife. For a startup, one short meeting could actually be a game-changer. In a small team as Tise, your voice is being heard and I believe that all of the interns are making valuable contributions. The Tise team is quite likable.

As some of you might noticed, we were featured in e24.no. The scope of the article was us as students who do unpaid internships for entrepreneurs. It would be a cliché just to say that I do it for the learning. I first of all do it for my friends who puts their time and efforts to make their own company, putting other things aside. I admire that spirit, and if I can help to get them going, that's thumbs up in my book!

(And yes, I realize I've moved away from the island by now. Writing blog posts is tedious work)

What is going really well is my skill development in pingpong. Some, including myself, would even call me the King Pong. Backspin, cutting, bring it! I’ve also learned to play Fifa. StartupLab is very playful, and I really like how the people connect here, across companies. Fun and play definitely has its constructive sides, as a casual arena to discuss problems with people from other startups.

The summer is actually coming to an end for me. Looking back I realise I’ve been here for a while, and my next challenge is to sum up all my findings and impressions in a readable document. This summer has been a good one, enjoying the capital, getting to know the startup society, having a blast at Vinjerock, and learning a lot working with Tise. I hope you’re having a great summer yourself! Now, I’m off to Hamburg!

Stay classy // Peter