To Tise, or not to Tise? - What a stupid question

The question lately has become more like, what can I Tise? As I am walking around the room asking myself "can I Tise this?" as I’m holding a piece of silver jewellery that I actually was wearing yesterday. "Well, I guess not". "What about these?" - A pair of boots I bought last week…

I continue looking for things that would look cool with the Gain-filter on it and the white letters on the left side. The problem is, when I have gathered the blue denim shirt from Weekday and the piece of vintage jewellery, I realise I am in Coventry… Where the heck is Coventry?

I am a MA Marketing Management student, studying in England and more specificly; Coventry. My “Welcome to Coventry” post on Instagram got the amazing number of 26 likes! So I guess it is a bit cool… I also recently joined this hot start-up from Norway, which is actually really cool. And I got the cool responsibility to do some cool marketing. So I guess after all, things are pretty cool around here.

So that’s cool!

While studying marketing I come across different things every day that one might not even think about by just consuming all the different goods this world provides. How every single purchase that you do has been designed and provided just the way they are, and is a planning process of details and perfection to make you perceive them the way you do. To buy things you don’t actually need, and fill up your closet with things that you are actually never going to wear.

Luckily you don’t need to justify the dust on it any longer, because we got Tise! Our mission here at Tise is to make the “Just buy it”-mentality to a “Just Tise it”-mentality. To change the patterns of the modern world, because as we like to say: "One man’s Tise is another man’s treasure". We are encouraging buying and selling on a platform that make your old jeans a vintage object instead of something that does not fit anymore.

This is our mission here at Tise, where I just claimed 110% of my time to make the world “Tise wise”. Do you think we can do it?

I hope all of you want to join us on this mission, follow our journey in trying to make the world, yes, the world, “a Tiser”. Because we get all this stuff that we only wear once, because we already talked ourselves into that buying an Ipad was actually something that you needed.

So here I am, in charge of marketing Tise, currently located in Coventry with around 26 likes on my personal Instagram posts, with the world as my target. What can possibly go wrong?