Bringing out the best of Tise at StartupLab

We have recently moved in at StartupLab and are enjoying it a lot. This place is the dream for a Start-up like Tise, with the open landscape and the entrepreneurship vibe all over it.

StartupLab is hosting 65 companies on 1700m2 with 6 employees of whom we interviewed two, Kjetil and Per Einar.

“StartupLab wants to help Norway’s best technology companies in their early phases in achieving greater and faster success” - Kjetil Holmefjord (Incubator manager).

They can happily share that they have helped 130 start-ups since they started in 2012, and the competition of getting a place is greater than ever. Kjetil explains how there has been an average acceptance rate of 1 out of 5 since they started in 2012, but in the last 6 months this has reached 1 out of 10. So imagine how excited we are!

Per Einar Dybvik (Partner of StartupLab) is glad to be helping companies, such as Tise, in their early stages by uniting the businesses access to resources and grounds for a greater network and partnership between businesses. Another part of StartupLab is Founders Fund, who can invest in companies at the Lab. They have invested in 13 businesses so far, and this may be an interesting opportunity for Tise in the future.

Moving in at StartupLab has been a real lift to our team! We have only been here one week, but have already got a long way.

Axel (CFO) is working on the financials, that being both forecasting and funding. A big part of it right now is planning the liquidity, because there is a gap between when you receive a grant and when the actual funds are disbursed.

Eirik (CEO) is currently in an interview with a journalist and was unable to answer at this point, but we were still able to take a great photo before he ran off.

Andrea (Me) is planning the research of the year and is at the moment recruiting current and potential customers to focus groups to help improve Tise in the future. This is the start of the development of a new marketing plan for Tise and its future operations.

Simen (Product analyst) Is working on how to improve our product analytics. This includes implementing software and identify key performance indicators - all to improve the user experience for Tise.

Peter (Market analyst) is currently working on the international market, learning more about the current and potential trends, the competition and possible entries for Tise.

Kjersti's (Designer) job is to look at the process of posting a Tise, from pressing the create button, to the finish button. How can this sequence be designed to make it even more fun and easy to add a Tise? She's certainly looking forward to crack this nut open!

That’s all for now, back to work! You will hear from us again next week.